Bio+ Bioclimatic Pergola

  • Motorised rotatable slats
  • Operated by remote control
  • Glazing Protect Option / XL Option
  • Integrated LED lighting Option
  • Screen Blinds Option
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pergola bioclimatique a lames orientable Akena
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Bioclimatic pergola with rotatable slats

BIO+, the louvred roof pergola made by AKENA

AKENA has been developing its range of outdoor extensions for almost 40 years, and is now showcasing its bioclimatic pergola with adjustable slats, manufactured in its factory in the Vendée region. With all the comfort of an aluminium pergola, consisting of a sun-breaking roof with motorised slats, the BIO+ bioclimatic pergola is ideal for regulating heat in summer and conserving light in winter. 

With its contemporary design and high quality finishes which make it unique, the BIO+ bioclimatic pergola, as well as covering your terrace, will enhance your outdoor space lending real added value to your home.

The rotatable slats are motorised and are adjusted quickly and easily using a remote handset. Whether they are parallel or perpendicular, the inclination of the slats ranges from 0 to 135° allowing you to control how much sunlight enters. Lean-to the house or freestanding, with or without optional elements, configure your pergola to suit your needs and the dimensions of your space: the AKENA bioclimatic pergola adapts to your terrace.

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Choose the configuration of your pergola

Perpendicular slats
  • 1 lean-to the house module with perpendicular slats
  • 2 posts
  • Width up to 6 m
  • Depth up to 4.50 m
Parallel slats
  • 1 lean-to the house module with parallel slats
  • 2 poteaux
  • Largeur jusqu’à 4,50 m
  • Profondeur jusqu’à 5,95 m
  • 1 freestanding module with parallel or perpendicular slats
  • 4 posts
  • Width up to 6 m
  • Depth up to 6 m
Perpendicular slats
  • 2 lean-to the house modules with perpendicular slats
  • 3 posts
  • Width up to 11.90 m
  • Depth up to 4.50 m
Parallel slats
  • 2 lean-to the house modules with parallel slats
  • 3 posts
  • Width up to 8.85 m
  • Depth up to 5.95 m
  • 2 freestanding modules with parallel or perpendicular slats 
  • 6 posts
  • Width up to 11.90 m
  • Depth up to 6 m
Bespoke comfort

Light and temperature control, equip your pergola with the options proposed by AKENA and create your new custom-made outdoor space.



Light & Protection

Exclusive to AKENA: a laminated glass skylight integrated into the pergola.

  • Allows more natural light to enter, even with the slats closed, especially important in winter.

  • Available in full sandwich panel version, multi-use screen to conceal an unsightly house gutter or facilitate the insertion under a roof overhang.

2. XL ROOF Option

Adaptability and Design

Offset posts with a roof overhang effect. 

  • Enhances the pergola's contemporary design.

  • Opens up corners and widens perspective onto the outside.

  • Adjusts and adapts to the terrace for a roof extension effect and maximum protection.

3. LIGHTING option

Prolonged comfort

  • LED spotlights integrated into the slats or LED striplights along the edges, ideal for extending your evenings and adding colour to your terrace.

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting with dimmer allowing you to regulate the light levels to suit the atmosphere you wish to create.

  • Motorised lighting, easy to control thanks to the pergola's remote control.

  • LED strips available in white or RGB (8 colours).


Roller blinds, operated using the pergola's remote control, offer real protection from the sun while adding privacy to your terrace. 

Discreet and aesthetic protection

  • Head box integrated into the gutter system, blinds invisible once raised,
  • Contemporary colours,
  • Blind framework the same colour as the pergola,
  • Up to 6 m without the need for intermediate posts.

French Quality and Robustness

  • PVC and glass fibre canvas, made in France,
  • Micro-ventilated canvas, excellent UV filter, up to 97% of rays repelled,
  • Bottom bar ensures optimal tautness and the smooth running of the blind in the guide rails.


AKENA aluminium-framed glazing offers protection from the rain and wind.

Choice and custom-made

  • Adaptation of the dimensions,
  • Choice of composition: fixed or sliding,
  • Customisation with glazing decorations: bottom panels, arches, glazing bars...


  • 28 mm double glazing,
  • Colour identical to the aluminium pergola,
  • Ergonomic handle and 4 points locking.


Anthracite grey SP055

Anthracite grey

Architect grey SP023

Architect grey 

Frosted grey SP004

Frosted grey 

Modern grey SP007

Modern grey 

White RAL 9010


Textured beige SP057

Textured beige 

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Anthracite Grey 

Frosted black SP005

Frosted black 

Finishing cornices

Bio+ B1 cornice
  • Slats visible when open
Bio+ B5 cornice
  • Slats concealed when open
Bio+ Cocoon CV1 cornice
  • Cornice identical to the veranda, slats visible when open
Bio+ Cocoon CV5 cornice
  • Cornice identical to the veranda, slats concealed when open

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