Fixed-Roof Evolving Pergola

  • All-aluminium pergola
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Can be converted into a conservatory
  • Lighting option
  • Glazed windows option
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véranda jardin d'hiver et pergola
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pergola toit verre
pergola fermée
pergola toit verre et alu

The upgradable pergola

Perfect compromise between an awning and a conservatory

More durable and resistant that an awning and more open than a conservatory, the fixed-roof pergola offers several advantages when it comes to covering your terrace. As your needs and uses evolve, so too can your pergola, transforming into a veranda or conservatory to become a closed and protected living space.

100% bespoke, the Upgradable pergola designed by AKENA adapts to your house and your patio. It is composed of a roof made from a variety of materials; translucent polycarbonate, an aluminium blackout panel, glazing to provide your desired levels of protection and light. In terms of style, AKENA offers the same customisation options so that your pergola remains unique and enhances the look of your terrace.

100% watertight, the Upgradable pergola protects and insulates your property's facade from the elements. The ideal solution for protecting furniture and plants from the rain and cold.

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Technical information

  • Aluminium frame - Qualicoat and Qualimarine certified

  • Construction of the pergola roof identical to that of the conservatory, 100% watertight and with high quality mechanical performance

  • Strong wall bracket with triple seal

  • Thermal break aluminium posts, fixed to the ground with post brackets

  • All-round guttering to collect rainwater and channel it to the downspouts inside the posts

  • Choice of roof materials: translucent polycarbonate, sandwich panel, glass

  • Custom-made

  • All colours

Multi-option Pergola

Colours, shading solutions, lighting, configure your pergola from the range of optional elements proposed by AKENA.


1. Roof option

Roof materials

The Evolving pergola has the advantage of offering a range of roof materials enabling you to determine how much shade you want. You can also play on the thickness of the materials for optimal comfort in terms of temperature and noise.


  • 32 mm laminated double glazing

  • Optional low E Argon glass or Argon sun control glazing for improved sun protection

  • Natural light still enters the house

  • Lends style and elegance to your terrace


  • Translucent cellular polycarbonate, with anti-UV treatment

  • Available in 32 or 55 mm

  • Durable and resistant material, ideal for creating a shelter for your terrace or spa

  • Light levels maintained under the roof and in the house

Full panel

  • Aluminium sandwich panel with insulating foam

  • Available in 32 or 66 mm

  • Matte white interior, 3 exterior colours to choose from: gloss white, slate or tile to blend perfectly with your home

  • Optional external felt-type acoustic layer to absorb noises and improve acoustic comfort under the pergola

2. Integrated light option

AKENA has extended the integrated light option, already available for conservatories, to its aluminium pergolas. The Upgradable pergola allows you to enjoy your terrace in comfort, day and night!

  • LED spotlights integrated under the roof

  • Warm white light for a cosy atmosphere

  • Waterproof

  • Lighting controlled with a remote handset

  • Optional dimmer to control the light intensity and create the desired atmosphere

  • Discreet and aesthetic lighting, high performance, energy efficient

3. GLASS WALL options

Protection against rain and wind

AKENA aluminium-framed glazing offers protection from the rain and wind.

Choice and custom-made

  • Adaptation of the dimensions

  • Choice of composition: fixed or sliding with 2, 3 or 4 panels

  • Customisation with glazing decorations: basements panels, arches, small woods...


  • 28 mm double glazing

  • Colour identical to the aluminium pergola

  • Ergonomic handle and 4 points locking.

From the pergola to the conservatory
  • pergola ouverte

    Lean-to the house fixed-roof pergola open onto the garden. 

  • pergola fermée en façade

    Installation of glazed windows on the facade and on the sides to offer protection from the wind.

  • pergola à toit fixe et véranda

    Part of the pergola closed off to create a veranda-conservatory while keeping a section open onto the garden.

  • véranda avec pergola

    Comfortable terrace with a veranda-conservatory and pergola.