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How can you create shade for a patio with full southern exposure?

There are many advantages to being the owner of a house with a patio with full southern exposure. Useful and pleasant year-round, it enables you to take advantage of moments of conviviality as soon as the warmer weather arrives. A garden suite, a sunbed, a barbecue and you have everything you need for sunbathing and relaxation! However, a patio with full southern exposure is not without certain inconveniences. Without shade when the heat becomes intense, the time spent outdoors can become stifling. Luckily, we have concocted a list of the top 5 solutions to create shade for a patio with full southern exposure.

apporter de l'ombre sur une terrasse en plein soleilThe tent canopy

Tent canopies are a decorative and temporary solution that protect against the sun. They can be installed during the summer period and taken down in winter. Their main advantage is their value for money. They can be installed anywhere and you will obtain welcome shade during a reception or during a gathering with friends. Tent canopies are therefore practical and adapted to small budgets. Nevertheless, their lightness makes them quite fragile and they are rarely waterproof.

The fixed-roof

Because of their shape and posts, they are often confused with canopies. Whether freestanding or wall-mounted, classic or bioclimatic, a pergola is a durable and permanent construction. It provides shade for the patio and cools the space nearby. Contemporary pergolas are very aesthetic and solid. If you choose a bioclimatic pergola, you will not only be able to enjoy a shaded area throughout the year, but you will also master the natural elements. Regardless of the climate, its adjustable louvres will enable you to ventilate, shelter and provide shade for your patio. A classic pergola also has numerous advantages that can be completed by optional equipment. The roof is also an essential element for the construction of a pergola – certain polycarbonate roofs are entirely transparent. They will protect you effectively from UV rays and bad weather while providing natural daylight.  Would you like to find out more about our pergolas?

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Awnings are very fashionable at the moment. Directly installed on a wall of the house, you unroll them to shade your patio as you please. A patio awning consists of a large, taut canopy held in place by two arms. The fabric is usually solution dyed to ensure the durability of its colour. The frame uses one of two technologies:

  • articulated arms are more or less sturdy depending on the number of cables they contain
  • telescopic frames ensure stability in the wind and are ideal for large-size awnings

The garden umbrella

The star of the patio, garden umbrellas require no introduction! Did you know they also exist in XXL versions? The offset umbrella is the ideal model to create effective shade on your patio. They enable you to cover a large surface area of the patio. Their structure consists of aluminium and the umbrella can be pivoted 360°. Their large diameter can shelter several persons and enables you to stay in the shade much longer before you need to turn them.

Shade sails and retractable sails

Practical because they can be easily taken down and stored, shade sails are canopies that are usually triangular in shape. They stretch above your patio and can be placed side by side. You can thus choose the precise place to shade. Light and decorative, they create a cosy space. There are also micro-perforated fabrics that perfectly resist UV rays and others that are water-repellent and do not allow water droplets to pass through. To shade your patio, you can also choose retractable sails, a system of retractable canopies that are attached to cables over the place to cover. This type of sun protection, frequently used in the south, folds up in waves.

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