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How do I hide a pergola?

Have you decided to create a little corner of paradise by installing a pergola in your garden? In addition to being decorative, it protects you from the sun's rays and bad weather. But does it protect you from prying eyes? In this article we take a look at the different ways to screen your pergola. You will then be able to get the full benefit of the joys of your pergola without exposing yourself to your neighbours' prying eyes!

A green wall to hide your pergola

Regardless of whether you have a classic or a bioclimatic pergola, you can cover it with climbing plants. You can even create a very decorative green roof for a traditional pergola. Avoid growing plants on the roof of a bioclimatic pergola, as it could damage the adjustable louvres and their motor. But a green side panel is certainly possible.

While screening the pergola and obstructing the view, an exterior green wall also provides a touch of natural coolness.

The advantages of a green wall

Covering a pergola with climbing plants is aesthetic and natural. It is possible to create green walls of all sizes. You will always find a suitable green wall to screen your pergola. Its capacity to protect you from the sun and ensure your privacy depends on the varieties of climbing plants that you choose. Some have more abundant foliage and flowers than others.

The disadvantages of a green wall

Because a green wall is alive, it requires regular care, just like a flower bed or a vegetable garden.  In addition, you will have to wait for the climbing plants to grow high enough and thick enough to screen the pergola.

stores-motorises-pergolaMotorised blinds: a bespoke solution

What more modern way of screening your pergola than motorised vertical blinds? Attached to the sides of your pergola, they can be installed during or after the construction of the latter. You can also choose to screen one side or several, depending on your requirements for protection. In addition to keeping you out of sight of your neighbours, motorised blinds protect your leisure area from gusts of wind, the sun's rays and bad weather. Generally treated against UV rays, you can even choose between totally opaque or translucent blinds.

If you install vertical blinds on a bioclimatic pergola, you will accentuate its protective capacity and thus save energy. You can choose to create a draught by opening the adjustable louvres, and keeping the blinds half closed, or you may prefer to maintain the warmth of the interior of the pergola during cooler weather.

The advantages of vertical motorised blinds.

Blinds are very aesthetic. They provide sun protection while maintaining privacy. They can be controlled from a distance with a remote control, or via a switch or with a handle. The fabric is available in various colours that match the colour of your pergola. The blinds can lowered to the middle position in order to allow the sun to enter while still screening the view.

The disadvantages of side blinds

Vertical blinds are quite expensive if you choose an electric model.

The sunshade: translucent protection

Often confused with side blinds, sun blinds can be attached under the pergola roof. They are therefore installed horizontally. You can adjust the panels of the sun blind to screen your pergola to a greater or lesser degree. Certain decorated sun blinds allow natural daylight to enter while remaining camouflaged.

Advantages of sunshades

With their sleek lines, sun blinds are suitable for all sorts of pergolas and all designs. They prevent glare while allowing gently daylight to enter.

The disadvantages of sunshades

Sun blinds must be regularly dusted and cleaned. When they are installed horizontally under the roof, they protect but do not entirely screen the pergola.

A bohemian ambience with filtering curtains

When we think of curtains, we systematically think of interior decoration. But did you know that it is possible to install curtains on a pergola?

To screen your corner of paradise, you can choose thick filtering curtains or sheer curtains that will protect your privacy while allowing natural daylight to pass through.

There is something for every taste! All you need to do is install curtain rods around your pergola! Just like for indoors, you will find curtains that are plain, patterned, long, short, etc. You can even choose several curtains of different colours to match your mood of the day. To keep them in good condition as long as possible, don't hesitate to take them down in case of bad weather. How sweet it is to watch the curtains swirl gently on a summer breeze!

Advantages of opaque curtains

They come in all colours and a variety of patterns. Curtains are inexpensive and can be bought anywhere. They can be changed easily, with no need for a professional.

The disadvantages of opaque curtains

Curtains, whether opaque or simply translucent, require regular maintenance. The should be taken down in rainy or windy weather.

Adjustable louvred panels: the 3-in-1 solution

You are sure to know about the adjustable roof louvres of bioclimatic pergolas. Perhaps that is the type of pergola that you have built. Adjustable louvred panels, also called horizontal slat screen walls, function in the same way but are installed laterally. They can enable you to enjoy the sunlight, totally screen the pergola, or protect you while allowing daylight to enter. It all depends on the orientation of the slats: closed, semi-closed, horizontally open.

The advantages of adjustable louvred panels

Offering more possibilities than a classic panel, adjustable louvred panels are not much more expensive. Moreover, they are very decorative and do not give you the impression of being shut in. Panel maintenance is easy.

The disadvantages of adjustable louvred panels

It can be expensive if you decide to screen all the sides of the pergola. Only the upper part of some louvres is mobile, while the lower part remains fixed.

The patterned screen wall: filtering and decorative

A screen wall is a fixed side panel that perfectly integrates into the structure of the pergola. The patterns represent graphic, plant, curved, or circular designs, etc.

They allow daylight to pass through while shading the pergola and protecting your privacy.

The advantage of decorative screen walls

Screen walls are very attractive and perfectly decorate your little corner of relaxation. They provide shade while allowing you to benefit from the sunlight. They come in many colours and patterns. The attachments of the screen walls are invisible.

The disadvantages of screen walls for pergolas

Screen walls can be rather difficult to clean due to the many patterns. Even though they are filtering, it is important to point out that they still allow more or less sunlight to pass through depending on the patterns.

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