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What size for a pergola?

Whether it is made-to-measure or in a kit, a pergola enhances your exterior and promises happy times with your family and friends. A wonderful view of your garden, the soft pitter-patter of summer rain – you can already imagine yourself comfortably installed under the pergola of your dreams. But what is the ideal size? What dimensions should you choose for a practical and relevant use of your new space?

Before the size, chose the right location for your pergola

Whether they are classic or bioclimatic, there are three main types of pergolas:

  • wall-mounted pergolas have 2 posts and are attached to a wall of the house;
  • freestanding (or self-supported) pergolas have 4 posts and can be installed on a patio or in a garden;
  • less well known, hanging pergolas are an interesting option for small spaces because they can fit anywhere.

If you have a lot of space, a wall-mounted pergola is ideal to create a direct link between your home and the garden. In a way, it is the little sister of a veranda. Thanks to numerous options, they become an additional living space. A freestanding pergola is just as elegant, however the patio will have to accommodate two additional posts. Perfectly designed to shelter part of your garden, freestanding pergolas enable you to create a cosy, almost VIP, area on your property. It is the ideal place to set up a hammock, outdoor lounge or even a spa. Need more advice?

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quelle bonne taille pour une pergola?The perfect size of a pergola for your needs

Ideally, in order to be able to move around under your pergola, the height should be at least 2.2 m. Nevertheless, it is preferable to avoid exceeding 3 metres of height if you plan to shelter from the rain and wind. The ideal surface area is between 20 and 30 m², but you can of course choose a smaller pergola if you have a small exterior.

By contrast, the volume can be larger if the space allows it. Usually of rectangular design, the largest pergolas can measure 8 metres in length by 5 metres in depth. If you have a very large piece of land and wish to install a large pergola, we recommend you build a double module.

Most of the time, length and width are between 4 and 6 metres. Just as appreciable for a small space, pergolas also come in small sizes. A minimum width of 1.2 m is recommended to avoid feeling cramped. The ideal depth is 3 metres. Imagine installing a table and chairs or a lounge suite and being able to move around them comfortably.

quelles formalités pour une pergola?Pergola dimensions: what does the law say?

Even though a pergola is not an enclosed room, its construction is subject to legal formalities. The procedure varies according to the size:

  • for a construction between 3 m² and 5 m², no declaration is required;
  • between 5 m² and 20 m², it is obligatory to declare your installation to your municipality. To do so, go to your town hall to file a prior works declaration (DP) in order to obtain town planning authorisation;
  • over 20 m², an application for a building permit is obligatory. In this case, go to your town hall or the town planning department of your municipality.

Depending on your place of residence, certain distances from neighbouring property must be respected.

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