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Pergola or carport: which should you choose?

Are you looking for the ideal shelter? Perhaps your garage is not big enough or you don't want to bring in your car every evening? Maybe you simply don't have a garage? 

Also called a car pergola, a carport protects your vehicle from the weather. Generally situated as an annexe that may or may not be adjacent to your home, this type of shelter has a strange resemblance to a pergola. So? What are the differences between a pergola and a carport? Which should you choose?

Differences between a pergola and a carport

There are few differences between a pergola and a carport. The first question you should ask yourself is what you want to do with it. Let's take a look at these two types of shelter to try to understand the differences more clearly.

The pergolala-pergola

A pergola is an annexe to the home that protects you from the sun and bad weather. Long considered as a garden shelter covered with climbing plants, it has now become a real living space. It is supported by two or four posts. It can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Its structure is made of wood, wrought iron or PVC, but the most frequently used material today is aluminium. Aluminium pergolas are highly durable and require little maintenance. We also see an increasing number of bioclimatic pergolas. These are economical and environmentally-friendly thanks to their retractable and adjustable louvres. A wide range of options and equipment can be added to provide the pergola with optimal comfort.

The carport

A carport is a shelter for vehicles that is also covered. It is also located near the house. They can be freestanding or wall-mounted against the home. The are usually made of wood or aluminium and they have a rigid roof. The main difference with its cousin is that it is less elaborate. Even though they are increasingly attractive and stylish, carports nevertheless remain classic shelters. There are no options to add. It is a shelter that will effectively protect your car.

Pergola or carport: general information and utility

The carport: a shelter against the weather

A carport replaces a garage. Due to its light structure, it will not occupy as much space as a garage. As wood is easier to handle for DIYers, it is the most frequently used material for the construction of carports. However, more and more car shelters are made of aluminium. Why not simply cover your car with a tarpaulin?

  • a tarp can blow away easily;
  • installation and removal requires both time and energy;
  • and even more time if is covered with snow;
  • a tarp will not protect your vehicle from falling branches...

In addition, a carport will not only shelter your vehicle, but it will also showcase it!

The pergola: a convivial space

If your project is to build a pleasant shelter to shade part of your property, a pergola will be a very suitable option. In addition to protecting you from the sun's rays, it will shelter you from bad weather. Just like a carport, it adds value to your home, and thanks to a wide range of equipment it can shelter other things than a car. In fact, it is possible to add outdoor furniture, LED ramps, heating, etc. If you choose a bioclimatic pergola, you can even control the wind and rain by commanding the adjustable roof louvres. In addition to the basic equipment, you can transform your pergola into a veranda by adding picture windows.

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