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A pergola or a garden umbrella: which to choose to protect you from the sun?

A pretty house, a fine property, a large or small garden – when we have an outdoor area we like to take advantage of it! It is a place where we spend wonderful times with the family and friends. However, in mid-summer the intense heat and the sun's rays can spoil these precious moments. Are you looking for a solution to effectively shade your patio or garden? Between a pergola and a garden umbrella, which will durably protect you from the sun?

equipements-protection-soleilPergolas, garden umbrellas and other sun protection equipment

For you, summer is a time for barbecues, cocktail parties and outdoor naps. It is therefore essential to protect yourself from UV rays, even when the temperatures are not too intense. Each person has their own method to create a shady place. Let's take a look at the various equipment that exists to protect yourself from the sun while decorating your garden!

The fixed-roof

It is a generally permanent structure that is either freestanding or wall-mounted against the house. It can be made of aluminium, wood, wrought iron or PVC. It is both an open and covered space. Its roof is made of glass or polycarbonate and also wood or iron to grow vegetation. It can be improved by side protection, such as vertical blinds, for even more effective protection against the sun and wind. It can have an opening roof or retractable slats in order to be able to use it during any weather.

The garden umbrella

Easy to install, it can be offset or classic. You can choose an extra-large size garden umbrella for a larger shady area. It may also pivot in order to follow the position of the sun. Depending on the model and the fabric chosen, it will protect more or less against UV rays. It can be placed anywhere.


They are attached to the wall of the house. Awnings roll and unroll thanks to telescopic manual or motorised arms. If you choose a waterproof fabric, you will also be protected in case of rain. You can choose a bespoke awning that will perfectly fit your home.

The conservatory

The bigger cousin of the pergola, a conservatory, is adjacent to the house. Contemporary verandas are built of aluminium. They consist of picture windows and benefit from modern options like home automation. They become a true living space. They can be used to create a lounge, a winter garden, or even a kitchen or wellness area.

The tent canopy

Often confused with a pergola, it is not a fixed construction. A tent canopy is often delivered in kit form and is not made to measure. It is ideal for a one-off event like a wedding or a big family meal. It can be installed and dismantled according to your needs and the time you have available. Today's tent canopies generally have large curtains to protect you from the wind but also to maintain your privacy.

The shade sail

Also called a sun sail, they are fixed to a wall or masts.  You can place several shade sails side by side to create a larger shady area and play on the colours and shapes.

The retractable sail

This is a large canopy that is horizontally suspended by steel wires. Depending on the sunshine, you can slide it more or less open. Retractable sail canopies are more common in the south.

NB: Natural elements rather than equipment, trees are among the most effective means to shade a garden!

choisir entre une pergola ou un parasolA pergola or a garden umbrella to protect yourself from the sun?

After studying the main means to create shade for your outdoor area, it is now necessary to ask yourself the right questions to find the equipment that suits you best. Everything depends on the place that you wish to create shade for and the surface area of the desired shade. You must also take into account the region where you live and the climate. An extra-large garden umbrella will give you shade in summer but will have to be taken down in windy or rainy weather.

If you are looking for year-round shelter that will protect you from both the sun's rays and bad weather, then a pergola is right for you! They can be enhanced with misting systems if you live in a region with intense heat. In winter, a cup of coffee on the patio under your pergola equipped with a heat lamp will enable you to get some fresh air. Above all, a pergola adds character to your property. It decorates and embellishes the outdoor area. And in case of a future sale, it will increase the value of your home!

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