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What curtains should you choose for a pergola?

When you build a pergola, you image a pretty area to relax, sheltered from bad weather. Even more shade can be created for this covered place by installing curtains. They will also protect your privacy and enable you to get full enjoyment from your pergola without worrying about the neighbours. There is such a wide choice of curtains, materials and colours that it is easy to get lost among them. See our advice to choose your pergola curtains.

Choose your pergola curtains according to your region

Creating a piece of paradise in a rainy region is not as easy as in a town where the sun shines year-round.

If your pergola is located in a very sunny area where bad weather is rare, you can choose curtains in a natural fabric. High-quality linen and cotton will decorate your pergola with elegance. You can knot them, attach them with natural ties or loops, or let them float in the breeze.

You should nevertheless keep in mind that this type of fabric shows dirt and does not appreciate damp weather. The curtains will be protected if you remove them regularly when the weather is unpleasant (oh yes, it even happens in sunny regions!) or in case of a long absence. Fabrics like linen or cotton are natural materials that resist machine washing quite well in addition to being more respectful of the environment.

If you live in a temperate area where it rains regularly, you too can decorate your pergola with curtains. With outdoor curtains, your pergola will be prettily restyled without having to worry about poor weather.

These curtains, which are specially designed for outdoor use, resist:

  • poor weather: rain, snow and wind will not damage them;
  • the sun: outdoor curtains resist fading;
  • tearing and insects.

Choose your pergola curtains according to your needs

Pergola curtains will harmoniously close off your haven of peace. But what are your real needs? Do you need them more to resist rain or the sun? Do you want curtains made of environmentally-friendly fabric?

Curtains that resist UV rays and fading

When we say outdoors, UV rays are never far away. The sun's rays are present even under cloudy skies. Your pergola curtains must resist fading. An untreated fabric will tend to fade and become dull with time.

You can choose between fabric that is treated against UV rays and the materials that are designed for pergola fabric:

  • micro-perforated polyester;
  • acrylic;
  • PVC.

These materials are also water-repellent, i.e. the rain runs off them in the form of droplets and water will not soak the pergola curtains.

Water-resistant outdoor curtains

If you install your pergola in a rainy region, it is best to purchase water-resistant curtains. Curtains made of water-repellent fabric are perfect and will remain impeccable for a long time.

Polypropylene, for example, resists water and does not absorb it. Choose a material that is both water resistant and allows the curtain to 'breathe'. Indeed, a material that is too waterproof facilitates the development of mould. The curtain will also retain the heat and transform your pergola into a Turkish bath! Finally, choose a quick-drying fabric. During rainy weather, the curtain will very quickly become heavy if the fabric is not designed for outdoors.

The choice of curtains made with environmentally-friendly fabric

Today, we increasingly choose ecological materials. There are materials for the exterior with low VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions. These curtains are water-repellent and resist fading. Among the most common materials is olefin. Made of synthetic materials, olefin protects the quality of ambient air by avoiding the emission of organic compounds that have a direct impact on the environment.

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