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What is a bioclimatic pergola?

The bioclimatic pergola is the most modular version of the pergola. They provide you with comfort in both the sunshine and in the shade. Their adjustable louvres enable you to modify the appearance of the roof according to the weather conditions or sunlight.

What is the principle of a bioclimatic pergola?ncipe d’une pergola bioclimatique ?

Like all pergolas, a bioclimatic pergola includes a roof system. However, whereas before you had to choose between an entirely closed roof or one simply traversed by a few beams, all options are available today.

The roof louvres, which are often made of aluminium, can be adjusted from 0 to 135°. At 90°, in the upright position, they allow the sunshine to pass through, filtering it only very slightly. But when it is too hot, or during wet seasons, the slats are oriented horizontally to create an entirely hermetic roof. Your garden furniture remains protected and you can enjoy your patio whether the sun is at its peak or when a passing shower tries to chase you inside.

fonctionnement pergola bioclimatiqueHow does a bioclimatic pergola work?

You can choose among three options to adjust the inclination of the roof louvres:

  • Either you adjust them manually with a handle,
    or the slats are oriented by a motor and a remote control,
    or the slats are equipped with sensors that close them automatically, e.g. in rainy weather.

Why are they called bioclimatic pergolas?

Bioclimatic pergolas considerably increase the comfort of the patio because they adapt to the weather and the seasons.

However, that is not the only advantage: if the pergola is wall-mounted, the building will benefit from the variations caused by the orientation of the louvres. Thus, your home will be more exposed to sunlight in winter, enabling you to gain daylight as well as temperature. By contrast, the rooms adjacent to the pergola will also be shaded in summer, which will enable you to cool them with less need for air conditioning.

That is why we call it a bioclimatic approach, aiming to draw maximum benefit from the environment depending on the climate.

What are the advantages of a bioclimatic pergola?

If the aspects of protection against the sun and rain seem obvious depending on the orientation of the louvres, other aspects are also to be taken into account.

Thus, the ability to adjust the louvres while creating shade, but without closing them entirely, facilitates air circulation. This enables you to create a gentle breeze that is appreciable when temperatures rise. When closed, the louvres can resist winds up to 120 kph, which enables them to be installed in any region of France.

Conversely, when the louvres are positioned to let the sun through, its rays will reverberate on the aluminium and thus become more powerful. The sunlight that enters your home will therefore be more intense, which is appreciable during fine days in winter.

By adding side closures to your pergola, you will benefit from what is practically an additional room, all at a reasonable cost. This is even more true because it is possible to add heating systems, in addition to lighting, to your pergola. It will then be usable in any season. What's more, it will adapt to each season.

Moreover, most bioclimatic pergolas are built of aluminium, which is among the most durable materials and the easiest to maintain. The structure will withstand time and poor weather while keeping a shiny new appearance.

The bioclimatic pergola is the most advanced type of pergola, especially as it participates in the energy savings of your home.

How do you choose a pergola?

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