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What is a porch and how do you choose one?

A porch is a little roof that protects you from the rain. In this category, you will find overdoor canopies that are installed over the main door, as well as larger elements that are more similar to a pergola. Learn more about porches in order to make the right choice.

Why install a porch?

A porch enables you to remain outdoors while remaining sheltered. Raindrops will not reach you under its roof. It is also useful during very sunny periods, enabling you to enjoy your shady place at any time. It will thus serve in every season, whether temporarily or for a longer duration.

A porch is particularly easy to install because it is based on a minimum structure. Its roof is enough in itself. It will only be supported by pillars if you wish to extend it, for example to cover a patio. The work necessary to install it is therefore limited.

A porch is above all practical, but it also gives the house an aesthetic touch by decorating the exterior wall. 

auvent terrasse maison akenaWhat does a porch look like?

A porch can be recognised by its roof, which is more or less wide. In contrast to a bioclimatic pergola, its roof is not adaptable. It can nevertheless take on different appearances: you will find them with tiles to match the style of more traditional houses, as well as with glazed or polycarbonate surfaces for a more modern design. This type of roof can be more or less decorated. Its framework can be wooden or metal. It can ran along a section of wall or may simply be installed near a door.

The narrowest models will allow just one person to take shelter, but the porch is modular in both length and width. It can thus cover an entire patio. In this case, it will be delimited by fixed pillars that support the roof. In this case we speak of a pergola porch.

Most porches are mounted against the wall of a building. If you are looking for an independent roof, to place in the garden to shelter a vehicle or a separate patio corner, you should look at a covered patio or a tent canopy, for example.

How do you take advantage of a porch?

A porch does not only serve to enter your home while sheltering you from the rain. In its narrowest version, it also enables you to leave shoes and umbrellas outside to avoid dirtying the interior of your home. But you will also be able to install a plant that appreciates shade in order to create an entrance decorated with greenery.

In its largest versions, a porch is a patio canopy. It makes it easier to stay outdoors even when the weather is not as pleasant as you would wish. Your garden furniture is thus protected from both the rain and harsh sunlight. Its roof makes it usable in any season: rain, snow and hail will not reach the edges of the house.

A porch is appreciated for its versatility. You will be able to equip it with lighting to suit your taste in order to use it even after dusk. However, if you are looking for more modular patio protection, you could look at a bioclimatic pergola: its roof can be modulated according to your need for sunshine. Daylight will always be more limited under a porch. This may be a deliberate choice, especially for a wall that is overly exposed to sunlight. A porch can thus definitively replace a blind and share its shade with the interior of the house.

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