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What size of pergola should you choose?

The main purpose of a pergola is to protect you from bad weather and UV rays when they are too strong. However, they also have a second purpose – they enhance the value of your property. A correctly installed and tastefully decorated pergola associated with perfect dimensions will be a real aesthetic asset for your house. But how do you define the ideal dimensions that will enable you to fully benefit from this new living space?

Defining the ideal height for your pergola

To help you feel at ease in a space that does not feel cramped (even if it is an open space), it is essential to avoid having a ceiling that is too low. To fully enjoy your exterior, pergola builders recommend a height of 2 to 4 metres.

If you decide to install a wall-mounted pergola, this height will have to be adapted to the height of the roof of your house. Nevertheless, don't choose a pergola height that is too high or you risk not being properly protected! In addition, the wind will blow in and create draughts. As for the shaded area, it will obviously be proportional to the length and height of the roof. Consider a height of 2.2 m.

choisir la bonne taille de pergolaThe perfect dimensions for your pergola

Let's be clear, the perfect dimensions for your pergola will be those you choose yourself. However, a few small technical details should be taken into account to entirely appreciate the comfort of your pergola. First of all, you should be able to move around your garden furniture without difficulty. If you choose to install a wall-mounted pergola, and if your budget permits it, it can measure the entire length of your wall. If you have less space, the minimum length should be 1.2 m. You will not be able to move around your table but don't try to install a smaller pergola, it will not cover enough space to protect you. Nevertheless, it is good to know that hanging pergolas exist and they are perfect for small spaces! They do not have posts and are directly attached to the wall of the house. Of small size, they are often lighter than their classic or bioclimatic cousins. As for the width, a minimum size of 3 metres appears to be a good choice. Whether you have a lot or only a little space, try not to cover more than a third of your outdoor area in order to continue to enjoy the sunlight in your garden. Ask your technician for advice!

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What does the law say about the dimensions of a pergola?

A pergola measuring between 5 m² and 20 m² must be declared to the town hall. To do so, you must file a prior works declaration with the planning department of your town hall by filling in the Cerfa 13404*07 form. If the surface of the pergola is greater than 20 m², an application for a building permit will be required. You will need to fill in the Cerfa 13406*067 form and add all the required supporting documents. Good to know: if your place of residence has a local land use plan (PLU), the total surface area of a wall-mounted pergola is increased to 40 m² with no obligation to request planning permission. If the total surface area of your home after the installation of a wall-mounted pergola measures over 150 m², you will then need to mandate an architect. They will provide you with an application for architectural planning permission (PCA). Your builder will know how to guide you with the administrative procedure. They will advise you about the choice of your pergola and will suggest dimensions that are adapted to your house.

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