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Why choose a bioclimatic pergola?

Bioclimatic pergolas are among the latest to appear on the outdoor market and have everything to make older models pale with envy.  With their adjustable louvres, contemporary design and modern structure, they have some wonderful advantages. Practical, aesthetic and economical, they have had a great deal of success. Here are five good reasons to choose a bioclimatic pergola!

choisir une pergola bioclimatique pour améliorer le confort sur la terrasseChoose a bioclimatic pergola for its comfort

If you have chosen to build a pergola, it is very certainly out of a need for comfort. You like to live outdoors and are looking for a solution that will combine usefulness and well-being. Thanks to its motorised adjustable louvres, a bioclimatic pergola enables you to get the most out of it in any season. You will no longer look for shade, you will create it. You will no longer hide from the sun, you will play with it. As for the wind, you will control it both in winter, to protect yourself from it, and in summer, to create a cool breeze. Add beautiful and harmonious furnishings and you will be ready for fine hours of relaxation, both alone and with friends. Do you dream of a spa? A pergola is ideal!

Save money by choosing a wall-mounted bioclimatic pergola

The particularity of bioclimatic pergolas is their adjustable louvres. Whether they are automatic or manual, these louvres produce natural air circulation. This system creates a regulation of the exterior temperature and enables you to optimally manage any change in the weather. Mounted against the wall of the house, your pergola will provide additional protection against the cold. If a ray of sunlight pokes its nose in the winter, you will warm your interior by opening the louvres. By contrast, in summer, when the intense heat arrives, you will be able to close the roof to protect your home from excessive temperatures. Whatever the season, you will save on heating and air conditioning!

pergola avec éclairage intégréChoosing the location of your pergola

There are two main families of pergolas:

  • the wall-mounted pergola, which is attached to a wall of the house;
  • the freestanding (or self-supported) pergola, which does not need to stand against a wall. Equipped with 4 posts, it does not require a support.

A bioclimatic pergola will enable you to choose the ideal location according to your wishes. If you are considering the installation of a pergola on your patio, the fact that it is bioclimatic will reduce the constraints related to sun exposure, for example. If you are worried about darkening the adjacent room, the adjustable louvres will reassure you! If you choose a freestanding bioclimatic pergola, you will have an unlimited choice of location. You will control the elements! So, regardless of the location you choose, neither wind, nor rain, nor excessive UV rays will spoil your moments of conviviality and peace.

Customise your pergola thanks to multiple options

A newcomer on the market means innovation. In addition to equipment for classic pergola, home automation has come on the scene! We have seen that the louvres of bioclimatic pergolas can be manual or motorised thanks to a remote control or even a smartphone. They can be adjusted to the nearest degree. There are also wind and rain sensors. The furniture remains dry in case of absence! These exterior places can be heated in winter and remain pleasant in any season. Certain roofs are fitted with skylights made of laminated glass. You will also find optional lighting to extend your evenings outdoors among friends.

A bioclimatic pergola brings value to your home.

More than a simple shelter, a bioclimatic pergola brings your property obvious added-value. This highly aesthetic additional room brings your garden a touch of modernity. If you plan to sell, the presence of a bioclimatic pergola will bring character to your home. A comfortable and durable contemporary exterior is a real asset for your property! Are you interested in a bioclimatic pergola? Ask us for a free quotation.

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