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What type of garden lounge should you install under a pergola?

A pergola enables you to install a garden lounge even outdoors. You will be more or less exposed to the sun according to the orientation of the louvres or the type of roof selected. But you must still choose your outdoor furniture according to your needs and the material. Read on for our advice.

What type of garden lounge should you install according to your needs?

In theory, a garden lounge consists of a coffee table and few chairs. That is the strict minimum, even for the smallest spaces. A family of four will prefer a small 2- or 3-seat sofa accompanied by a few extra chairs or armchairs. If you have a little more room available, stackable furniture will enable you to optimise the space.

Always plan on being able to seat at least two more persons than the household in order to be able to receive guests without having to bring in chairs from the house.

Under a pergola, you can take a few liberties with the garden lounge: you can choose unmatched seats. A sofa, outdoor poufs or other backless seats can find their place next to each other. There is only one watchword: have fun!

salon de jardin outdoor gautierWhat materials should you choose for your garden lounge?

Thanks to the protection of the pergola, your garden lounge will be more protected from bad weather and UV rays. You should nevertheless choose materials that will resist several consecutive summers.

Wood remains a noble and very popular material. Choose species that resist water, heat and insects. Although teak is among the most well-known tropical species, pine, eucalyptus and robinia also provide excellent performance, as does acacia. Also consider rattan, which is making a comeback. By choosing PEFC and FSC labelled wood, you will be sure to participate in the protection of the environment. You will still have to regularly treat your garden lounge to protect its shine.

Resin is more and more frequently found among the modern materials used for garden furniture. You will be able to choose the colour and the shape, while benefiting from very simple maintenance. Outdoor lounges in woven resin are very popular for their durability and lightness. You will easily be able to move them in order to remodel your lounge.

As for metal, wrought iron always adds a chic touch to furniture. Your lounge could also consist of stainless steel, which has the advantage of being rustproof. As for aluminium, it is lightweight and durable but quickly becomes very hot to the touch when exposed to the sun.

Finally, you will find more affordable chairs in PVC. Pay attention to the colours, which may fade with time and the years spent outdoors.

How to equip your garden lounge?

You can add rugs to create a bohemian lounge. They will immediately create a cosy atmosphere. You should choose models that are suitable for outdoor use, especially if you have a pool and risk walking on them with wet feet.

The posts of your pergola are also ideal supports for a hammock, which is a real invitation for relaxation.

Add a few green plants to recall the nearby garden. Lighting can be provided by fairy lights or floor lamps to make a change.

If your pergola is at a distance from the house and you have a little space, add a bar to store a few glasses and bottles during the fine season. You will enjoy it even more if you do not have move away for an aperitif.

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