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The freestanding pergola for garden and terrace

Equally aesthetic and practical as a wall-mounted structure, the freestanding pergola is nevertheless a little more versatile. It can be built on your terrace, near your home's facade, or at the centre of your garden. This gives you more flexibility in the way you design your outdoor space. What's more, AKENA has developed beautifully crafted, custom-made models.

What is a freestanding pergola?

The main advantage of the freestanding pergola is that it can be installed anywhere on your property. Supported by four posts, you can build it in the middle of your garden or on your patio. On the patio, it will act like the wall-mounted pergola without the need for any modifications to be made to your house's outer walls. 

The freestanding pergola can also be bioclimatic. The freedom of being protected from the sun, wind and rain in the middle of the garden is a luxury which really adds value to your property. The louvred roof with rotatable slats of the freestanding bioclimatic pergola allows you to control the natural elements. By playing with the air flow, you can regulate the heat under the shelter. You can also tilt the slats to take account of the sun's trajectory throughout the day to give you optimal protection from its rays. 

The freestanding pergola installed on the patio will help to keep your home's interior cool, eliminating the need for air conditioning! It becomes a transitional space linking your house and your garden. You finally have the possibility to enjoy the fresh air, even when it is too hot or the weather is too bad for you to be able to sit in the garden without any shelter. 

A freestanding pergola is not a dismountable canopy. Although separate from the house, the freestanding pergola is still a solid construction. That's why it's important to think carefully about where you're going to install it. You will need to carry out a certain amount of work (paving slabs, concrete footings, etc.) to provide solid foundations for your pergola.

pergola Akena bioclimatique en ilôt 4 poteauxEnjoy a custom-made structure with a wide choice of practical and aesthetic optional elements

As mentioned above, the freestanding pergola can be used as a patio cover. The open structure allows you to arrange your garden furniture to create a space in which to relax or entertain. You'll no longer be dependent on favourable weather to enjoy your outdoors. A fixed roof pergola offers two essential qualities: protection from bad weather and the creation of a space where the elements are carefully controlled. Just like with a closed-off structure, shading panels are used to protect you from the heat and bright sunshine.

You can select opaque or transparent panels. The roof cover of your freestanding pergola can also be equipped with retractable slats. These provide an effective alternative allowing you to open and close them depending on how much protection you want. A motorised system enables you to regulate how far you open the slats. Each option offers a certain level of insulation and watertightness while remaining coherent with the overall style of your property.

From the type of cornices to the overall shape of the structure, the freestanding pergola remains authentic to your home's modern, contemporary or traditional style. At the heart of the garden, it can blend in to the greenery or offer a welcome contrast to enhance your garden with a touch of originality. Our aluminium models can be installed as a single or double unit to cover a maximum surface area. The posts and the structure of the roof are designed in such a way as to enable modifications to be made at a later date.


Redesigning the freestanding pergola to make it an intelligent upgradable structure

The innovative aspect of Akena freestanding pergolas lies in their design which allows them to evolve in line with your needs. Specialists in outdoor living spaces, we ensure the quality of the materials and the construction is the same high standard for all our creations. If you are looking to add an original and well-designed extension to your home, your fixed roof pergola has all the elements it needs to be transformed into a veranda. Thanks to the materials used in its structure, the roof insulation prevents heat loss and thermal bridging. Also made from aluminium, the posts can bear casements, sliding doors or side protections.

Thanks to the modularity of the different components, it is possible to create a custom-made structure able to adapt to all constraints. Rain, wind, heat, intense sunshine...The units of your bioclimatic pergola can be coupled to create separate spaces for different usages. For example, you can choose to keep your patio shelter and create a separate place for a jacuzzi or hot tub. Akena Verandas' customisable models offer not only numerous technical and aesthetic options, but are designed in such a way as to complement each other and be able to integrate the unique features of each model.

The smart features of the bioclimatic pergola enable it to adapt the quality and the comfort of the shelter to the weather, the sunlight or the period of day. The addition of motorised blinds and integrated LED strip lights and spotlights allows you to enjoy the pergola after sundown. Controlling the intensity with the dimmer reduces energy consumption and creates a cosy atmosphere. You can thereby manage the light intensity on the sides of the pergola or overhead with more precision. Thanks to these modular and functional features, the pergola brings the comfort of your home interior outdoors.

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