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How to clean a canvas pergola cover?

So, you've decided to install a pergola to add some shade to your garden. Very practical and decorative, it will allow you to create a private covered space shielded from the outside. There are different types of pergolas with a range of roofs to cover them. Let's take a closer look at the canvas cover. Also called a canopy cover or pergola awning, it can be made from polyester, acrylic or be micro-ventilated. It provides effective shade while avoiding the greenhouse effect caused by glazing. But how should you clean it?

Choose an easy-to-clean pergola canvas

Whether your pergola is freestanding or mounted to your house, a canvas cover can be used as a roof. Pergola awnings are available in numerous colours. You thereby have a wide choice to decorate your garden. However, certain canvas covers are made from more resistant materials than others. Avoid polyester or cotton canvas!

  • even if it is given a waterproof coating, the fabric will not withstand more than a little water;
  • even if it has an anti-mould coating, the fabric will quickly be damaged by the weather.

If you choose an acrylic canvas, opt for a spun-dyed fabric as it fades less quickly and is more resistant to UV rays. Acrylic pergola canvases are very resistant to bad weather and the risk of tearing. Most are given a waterproof coating to increase their resistance. If you are looking for a high-quality awning, micro-ventilated or micro-perforated canvas will not disappoint. These ultra-resistant canvas covers absorb and evacuate the sun's rays! They also come in a range of colours, but are a little more expensive than acrylic canvas.

nettoyer la toile de sa pergolaTo clean your canvas, use soapy water and nothing else!

Wind, rain, dirt, moisture, your pergola roof is subjected to a lot throughout the year. If you have followed our advice, your canvas will be resistant to the elements and have been given a suitable coating. However, a canvas cover also needs to be regularly cleaned to maximise its lifespan.

Once or twice a year is enough to maintain your pergola canvas cover. You can schedule a clean in spring and another at the end of summer, for example.

To clean the canvas properly, it is essential to dismount it. It needs to be cleaned flat on the ground. You can unroll it as the cleaning progresses, if you don't have enough space to lay it out completely.

Warning: don't use a pressure washer as it could rip the canvas!

Start by using a broom to remove any dead leaves, dust and insects.

Next, gently brush the canvas with some soapy water. Don't press too hard, you may damage it. Then rinse with clean water. A simple garden hose will do.

The canvas should be left to dry in the sun before being reattached to the pergola or stored away for the winter. If you decide to store it away, make sure it is completely dry, otherwise there may be mildew on it when you get it out next spring!