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How to close a pergola?

There are numerous solutions to cover part of the exterior space of a property. The installation of a pergola is a good compromise between a conservatory, which is totally closed, and an awning, which is movable equipment. If you are hesitating between a conservatory and a pergola, perhaps you are wondering whether it is possible to close the latter. Everybody is entitled to change their mind! Here is how to close your future pergola.

Closing a pergola: choose an evolving pergola!

Building a pergola that will transform into a conservatory in the future — a dream come true? Not as inaccessible as you might think! By choosing an upgradable pergola, you open the doors to several alternatives. You can close it entirely by installing picture windows. And, if the size allows it, you can also convert only one part into a conservatory and keep one part open. This solution exists for both bioclimatic and classic pergolas. Generally built of aluminium, upgradable pergolas are modern. They offer a large choice of equipment and very good insulation. Your canopy will transform into a true living space! Perfectly resistant to bad weather, aluminium is the preferred material for your outdoor installations. Moreover, it can adapt to any style and requires little maintenance.

fermer-une-pergolaClose your pergola with motorised blinds

The installation of motorised vertical blinds is an option that can be retro-fitted. They protect from the sun's rays and wind while providing the area with greater privacy. Vertical blinds can be installed in both bioclimatic and classic pergolas.

Whether your new space is wall-mounted or freestanding, the blind is invisible when it is rolled up. You can choose a full blackout side blind or one that lets light through.

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Add picture windows to close your pergola

Do you like the option of vertical blinds but prefer that the area remains light? Picture windows can be added after the installation of your pergola. They enable you to benefit from natural daylight while protecting you from the cold and bad weather. They are ideal for bioclimatic pergolas, which, thanks to their adjustable louvres, enable you to control the ventilation. Less well known, panoramic sliding glass windows enable you to fully enjoy the view when your pergola is open.

Photos of closed pergolas