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What to put on the roof of a pergola?

You are planning to install a pergola. You have thought about the location and its layout. Then come the essential questions. 
What shape will the structure be? What materials should you use? As a pergola essentially consists of posts and a roof, the subject of the roof is essential. First of all, we will analyse the various materials to use as well as the equipment. Then we will explain what you can use for the roof of a pergola.

pergola avec toit en verre The main materials for pergola roofs

In addition to protecting you from the sun, a pergola is an additional room that brings character to your home. Thus, the shape is one of the essential criterion to take into account. When you have chosen its design, you can then study the materials it will be made of. There are all sorts of roofs, from classic designs to the most modern. Some combine style and ease of maintenance. Others are aesthetic and require greater care. Finally, there are roofs that are ultra-practical and connected via home automation. The different roofs for your pergola:

  • polycarbonate slats for durability and easy maintenance;
  • laminated double-glazing for natural luminosity;
  • the aluminium roof for optimised insulation and comfort;
  • motorised slats (automatic or manual) for an ultra-modern bioclimatic pergola;
  • wooden slats to bring character to your pergola. This material (depending on the variety used) requires regular maintenance;
  • the bamboo roof for an exotic touch;
  • wrought iron for romantic style;
  • canvas for a light roof and intimate atmosphere;
  • the sunshade to open and close as needed;
  • the opening roof for aeration and ventilation.

The equipment that you absolutely must install!

Modern pergolas have little in common with those of the past. You have chosen to install a pergola and be it a lean-to or freestanding, it is comfort that you are looking for.
A host of options are available to enable you to get the full benefit from your shelter regardless of the weather and season.

Home automation is a very popular solution to appreciate the advantages of a pergola in any season. Bioclimatic pergolas with their adjustable louvres need no introduction. Nevertheless, there is also equipment available to facilitate the use of classic pergolas.
You will appreciate LED lighting if you wish to enjoy your exterior after dusk. Your evenings with friends will continue long into the night! 
You can choose sun blinds to protect yourself from UV rays. They provide totally blackout! You close them when the sun is too strong and open them to enjoy the light on other days.
Need privacy while enjoying your garden? Motorised vertical blinds are available to protect your privacy.

pergola avec toit en lames aluminiumEquipping a pergola roof differently

There is no lack of ideas for roof installations! Here are a few original and sometimes surprising ideas: you can opt for a green roof. To do so, combine climbing and trailing plants. A guaranteed exotic effect! Roller stores bring a natural touch to your pergola while protecting you from the sun's rays. You can choose the part to cover. There are many colours available on the market. Hollow and round bamboo slats will provide the exotic touch you are looking for. Moreover, bamboo is naturally durable and requires little maintenance. A few curtains or drapes and your pergola will immediately take on a bohemian style. The absolute must: the adjustable louvres of bioclimatic pergolas!

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