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Which climber for a pergola?

There is nothing better than climbing plants to green a pergola. They cling to the posts and climb to the roof. Whether you prefer green foliage or colourful flowers, there is something for every taste. Read on for our advice.

How do you plant climbers near a pergola?

Regardless of the plant you choose, you will have to put it in the ground. Dig a hole about 20 cm from the post that will serve as a stake. This hole should be twice the diameter of the root ball.

Place a drainage bed at the bottom of this hole before adding potting compost. When you place the root ball, lean it slightly towards the pergola, guided by a stake. Creepers and other climbers will then progressively wrap around the post.

plante grimpante pour pergolaWhich climbers grow quickly?

To rapidly green your pergola without having to wait indefinitely for your plants to grow, you can select the following:

  • The Virginia creeper: it grows two or three metres per season. Its dense foliage will quickly cover your pergola. Very easy to care for, it turns red in autumn but will wither during the coldest months.
  • Golden hop: this plant can grow one metre within one month and climb up to 6 metres in height within a year. Its highly decorative leaves go from yellow to green in the summer season. It is nevertheless necessary to prune it in winter to prevent it from invading your pergola.
  • Lady Banks' rose: it is possible to plant a climbing rose on a pergola. This fast-growing rose is also very vigorous and easy to care for. Thornless, it even retains its foliage in winter (but it will not withstand excessively harsh temperatures).
  • Clematis: this vine can double its size in one month and reach up to 5 m in height. Be careful to choose a variety with persistent foliage to be able to enjoy it year-round. Also check that the one you prefer is suitable for the temperatures in your region.
  • The passion flower: the passion flower is remarkable for its spectacular, large and very colourful flowers. Its rapid growth and persistent foliage will also enable you to enjoy it all year long.
  • Star jasmine: this 'false jasmine' quickly reaches several metres. Resisting low temperatures, it boasts persistent foliage and blooms from June to September. Moreover, it is very easy to care for.

plante grimpante pergolaWhich plants enable you to pick fruit from your pergola?

It is also pleasant to be able to pick fruit, practically without need for care, by simply stretching out you arm from your garden lounge.

To do so, choose a grape, raspberry or mulberry vine. You know it in its exotic version, but the kiwi also flourishes in our climates and will beautifully enhance your pergola. You will also appreciate climbing strawberries like the Mount Everest, which reaches one metre in height.

Which climbers for under the pergola?

Although most climbers appreciate sunlight, you may also wish to green the interior of your pergola. It will then be more prudent to choose shade plants like hostas or certain camelias. Climbing hydrangea will also cling to the posts from inside the pergola. The same applies to honeysuckle: its trunk should be protected by shade whilst its leaves prefer sunlight.