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How to motorise a pergola?

Motorised pergolas enable you to fully enjoy your leisure area and provide optimal comfort for your exterior. Modern pergolas are equipped with motors. Most of them are also connected! You can motorise any of the equipment you have installed on your pergola. Over the years, you can also choose to add options that will enhance your well-being.

Why motorise your pergola?

Whether it is bioclimatic or classic, adding a motor to your pergola will significantly increase its comfort. 

You can choose to motorise the roof louvres of a bioclimatic pergola. However, it is also possible to add state-of-the-art motorised options or to motorise those already installed. This is the case of vertical blinds and sun blinds.

You no longer have to worry about the weather to fully enjoy your outdoor space under your bioclimatic pergola! Peacefully relaxing in your leisure area, you can use your remote control at the slightest change of weather or to follow the movement of the sun. Open, close or tilt the louvres as you please, without having to get up!

Motorising the additional equipment will enable you to protect yourself from the sun year-round. Adding motorised blinds to the sides of you pergola will increase both your comfort and privacy. You will put an end to your neighbours' prying eyes and you'll be able to lower the blinds at the end of the day, when the sun is low and dazzling. 

Modern sun blinds are installed under the glazing of the pergola roof. They are adjustable, sliding and stackable. As they are installed under the roof, motorisation is essential.

Less well known are folding and rolling roofs. They are perfect to get the full enjoyment of the sunlight when it is not too hot!

Today's switches and remote controls are no longer simple two-way switches! The are equipped with numerous features. You can set the adjustable louvres to the exact degree, lower the blinds according to your needs and play with the natural daylight by precisely regulating your sun blind. Handling is easy and secure.

The equipment to motorise your pergola

In order to professionally motorise your pergola, it is preferable to call on a specialist or contact your builder. Nevertheless, if you are a seasoned DIYer, it is possible to automate your pergola yourself by purchasing the necessary parts. 

Be careful: it is not just a question of dismantling the equipment, adding a motor and reassembling them. Motorisation also requires electrical knowledge! 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the equipment you will need to modernise your pergola: 

  • a motor;
  • fittings and brackets for the motor;
  • motor bearing and adapter ring;
  • emergency control ring (for operating with a handle in case of a power failure)
  • fixing bar;
  • switch;
  • remote control;
  • electrical transformer, etc.

Pergola motors operate by radio or wire power supply. Installation bars and motors exist in a variety of different diameters and power.

Other equipment for comfort

In addition to motorisation, you will see an increasing number of automated pergolas. Connected pergola, smart pergola, call it what you will, but you can be sure of one thing: they all guarantee absolute comfort! 

They can be fitted with weather sensors that operate the adjustable louvres of the bioclimatic pergola from the first raindrop. LED lighting turns on at dusk. Misting systems turn on to cool down stifling heat. Roller shutters automatically open and close at the chosen time. And the heating system regulates the temperature as you come and go!

Home automation enables you to save energy. Controlling your equipment enables you to optimise their use. What's more, because their operation is programmed, you don't need to worry about forgetting!