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How to decorate your pergola?

As well as providing protection from the sun in a cosy space, a pergola offers many other advantages. For example, it is a great enhancement to your property. A pergola decorates and brightens up the garden. It lends a certain cachet to your home. Knowing how to decorate it to make it more than a simple shelter without going overboard is not easy. Follow our advice and discover how to brighten up a pergola without needing the skills of an interior designer.

Dress up your pergola with an attractive roof

Let's be honest, although the main function of a pergola is to provide protection from the sun's rays and inclement weather, it also has a decorative purpose. As a key element of your new shelter, the roof should not only be functional, it also needs to look great! If you opt for a bioclimatic pergola, its rotatable slats alone will decorate your pergola. Modern and unusual, they quickly become a focal point. When it comes to traditional aluminium pergolas, you're spoilt for choice! A glass or polycarbonate fixed roof can comprise a sliding panel or a skylight to add maximum natural light. You can install horizontal roller blinds or a brise-soleil. They are available in numerous colours allowing you to decorate your pergola with taste! Reed screening fixed on your pergola's roof is also a highly decorative natural element.

Vertical blinds for decorating a pergola...and much more!habiller-sa-pergola

Whoever said a pergola had to remain open? Vertical blinds offer a blend of modernity and protection. They can be used to close off a side of your pergola and are often motorised. Not only does the vertical blind decorate your pergola, it also offers other welcome advantages:

  • it can be adapted to the sun's position;
  • it filters UV rays while diffusing natural light;
  • it is invisible when retracted; it is available in a range of contemporary colours;
  • it provides protection from the wind;
  • it creates natural ventilation;
  • it provides privacy.

Decorative elements for your pergola

It's not because a pergola is an outdoor space that it can't be tastefully decorated! As it is installed in the garden, plants are a natural choice. You can make them climb to create a 'living roof'. Wisteria, roses or jasmine can add a light scent to your shelter too. Other plants can be placed on the ground or on a pedestal. Hanging plants are very trendy and add a jungle feel to your pergola. Rattan or wooden furniture (choose a species resistant to the weather, such as tropical wood, or autoclaved wood) instantly decorates a pergola. Scatter a few cushions, add some curtains to flutter in the summer breeze and your pergola is decorated for the season! And why not add some industrial-style lights? A great look for your new outdoor living space!