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What colour for a pergola?

Highly decorative, a pergola can really enhance a property's outdoor space. Nowadays, the most popular pergolas are made from aluminium. Long-lasting, robust and requiring very little maintenance, this material is available in a wide range of colours. So, what colour should you choose to make your pergola one of your home's most attractive features?

A colour adapted to the style of the pergola

As we have seen, contemporary pergolas often have an aluminium structure. However, as tastes and colours are not universal, you can choose to install a wooden or wrought iron pergola. We do not recommend PVC, which is not durable and cannot be treated. The architecture of your pergola will be different depending on the material you choose. The style of your pergola will also depend on the character of your house. If you have a contemporary and uncluttered home, there is nothing like a bioclimatic pergola to maintain this modernity. If your house is more rustic, a wooden or wrought iron pergola will add charm to your garden, although a powder coated aluminium pergola will be much easier to maintain. There are dozens of colours available on the aluminium pergola market. If you are afraid of making a mistake, opt for a colour that matches your house or a classic colour such as anthracite grey. You can then decorate it as you wish. Decorative colours are much easier to change than a pergola colour! If you like bohemian colours, a few colourful curtains, cushions and pretty garden furniture will brighten up the space. For a lean-to pergola, choose a colour similar to that of the front of the house. This will create continuity and add character to your property by extending it.

A colour which blends into the environment

When we think of a pergola, we think of plants and greenery. And for good reason! Originally, climbing plants were used to create the roof of wooden or wrought-iron pergolas. Our modern day pergolas, which come with a multitude of optional elements, must also blend into the environment so as not to clash with their surroundings. To keep a good level of brightness, you can choose a light colour for the roof of your pergola. If it is a bioclimatic pergola, rotatable slats, in light colours such as white or cream, will give maximum brightness to your new living space. And if in the end you decide you want a rainbow-coloured pergola, that's perfectly possible too, with your manufacturer on hand to help you design a custom-made pergola to match your taste!

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