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How to furnish a pergola?

Whether your pergola has already been built or is still in the project stage, you will surely be wondering how best to furnish it. By choosing the right accessories and decorative items for your pergola you can make the most of it all year round whatever the weather. This outdoor, covered space, sheltered from the elements, can sometimes pose a challenge with regard to the best furniture to use. Here are 4 points to consider when choosing furniture for your pergola to create the perfect space to relax in.

Define your needs to furnish your pergola

When it comes to furniture, most people pick something that catches their eye. But before you get swayed by the aesthetics of a particular piece of furniture, you firstly need to define your requirements.

What will you mainly be doing under your pergola?

Will you be using it all year round or just in summer?

What type of pergola is it? A traditional pergola mounted to the facade of your kitchen won't have the same role as a freestanding bioclimatic pergola installed in the middle of your garden.

The furniture you choose depends on what you intend to use your pergola for, whether it is meant to be a relaxing retreat or more of a space to gather with family and friends.

Furnish your pergola according to its size

It may seem obvious but there's no point in buying large pieces of furniture if you're constantly bumping into them as you move around. You want to keep your outdoor space light and airy. By keeping part of the space free you can enjoy it without feeling suffocated. If your pergola seems cluttered it may just end up being used as a storage space!

On the other hand if you build a large pergola, you'll easily be able to fit in a family size table or corner sofa. However, again, try not to overload the area by filling in all the empty spaces. If you just can't help yourself, climbing plants are a good way to fill up space without making it look too encumbered.

In both cases, try to find the right balance while bearing in mind that a pergola should remain a peaceful outdoor space.

Furnish your pergola with weatherproof materials

Although covered, a pergola is not a veranda. It will still be exposed to the elements. Garden furniture comes in a wide variety of weather-resistant materials, but aesthetically speaking, not all of them are necessarily what we like to see under a pergola. Here are a few materials to favour for your pergola furniture:

  • aluminium; 
  • iron; 
  • stainless steel; 
  • teak; 
  • rattan; 
  • synthetic fibre; 
  • exotic wood (teak, eucalyptus, camaru, itauba…); 
  • textile.

If you choose wooden furniture, it is important to ensure it is naturally resistant or has undergone autoclave treatment.

Adapt your furniture to your pergola's aesthetics

What shape is your pergola? What materials is it made from? What is the atmosphere in this space? Does it have a rustic feel or more of a sleek, designer-style look? 

Combining a thermo-lacquered steel table and chairs with a wooden pergola can add a touch of modernity to a rustic pergola. Armchairs and a wooden coffee table will invite relaxation under a streamlined aluminium pergola. Aluminium also pairs well with rattan garden furniture.