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Installing a pergola as a carport

A pergola is generally considered for the improvement of a patio in order to create a space for leisure and relaxation. It can also be used to protect your vehicle. How can a pergola be a substitute for a garage to shelter your parked vehicle?

The pergola, an easily installed and protective carport

Often called a carport, an aluminium pergola for cars provides numerous advantages to protect your vehicle. It can notably:

  • limit the effects of frost during the winter;
  • preserve the passenger compartment from excessive heat during the summer;
  • provide bad weather protection from hail, rain or snow.

Easy to install, the 'carport pergola' adapts to the configuration of your property thanks to its adjustable dimensions. It can lean against a wall or facade. Its size can be enlarged in order to shelter one or more vehicles. This type of structure can also protect two-wheelers and garden furniture.

AKENA, a complete range of pergolas for cars, terraces and outdoor spaces

Thanks to its innovative strength, AKENA develops tailor-made solutions for your landscaping projects. Whether it is a bioclimatic or aluminium pergola, each project is carefully designed:

  • model design;
  • integration into the environment of an outdoor space;
  • selection and processing of materials;
  • design options for fixed roof aluminium pergolas and bioclimatic models;
  • dimensions can be modified according to the needs mentioned.

You can therefore consider a pergola for a carport or for your terrace. More than just a place for pleasure, it provides effective protection for your vehicles and belongings. To make your project a reality, don't hesitate to contact your nearest AKENA branch.