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Which covered patio to choose for your house?

Installing a covered patio for your house enables you to get the benefit of a protected outdoor space in any season. This space, which remains open, allows passage and provides a shelter that is exterior to the house. You can use it to protect all your outdoor utensils, your car or even your swimming pool. Discover the uses and advantages of a covered patio.

What does a covered patio look like?

A covered patio is a solid structure that is characterised by a wooden or aluminium framework. Open on the sides, the covered patio nevertheless has an opaque or translucent roof that preserves the floor from the rain.

The lean-to covered patio often has the same characteristics as the roof of the house. You will thus see lean-to covered patios with slate or tile roofs, depending on the region. It is nevertheless possible to benefit from various roof openings, and even from windows and lighting, depending on your tastes, needs and wishes.

Whether it leans against the wall of the house or not, the covered patio can be open on all the other sides. It is also possible to close one or several panels. Depending on the desired characteristics, a pergola, whether bioclimatic or not, can serve as a covered patio and even tend towards a veranda.

pergola toiture fixe akenaHow to use a covered patio?

Installing a covered patio helps to delimit a patio. It enables you to remain outdoors without having to worry about the rain or intense heat. Indeed, its roof offers ideal protection against raindrops and the sun's rays. You will tan more slowly under a covered patio, but you won't have to worry about sunburn.

A covered patio can also shelter the elements of an outdoor kitchen or a garden lounge. It will no longer be necessary to bring in furniture placed outdoors. So, it is the ideal solution to protect a barbecue area! You will thus be able to use it more often, even when the weather is less clement than predicted.

One of the advantages of a covered patio is that it can be placed in the garden at a distance from the house in order to create a separate patio, like a gazebo, for example. It will then serve to protect you from a passing shower and enable you to carry on with your book or meal regardless.

Where to place the covered patio in your garden.

As you have seen, a covered patio is not always mounted against the main building. Its posts enable it to be installed in any flat place in the garden. This is why we can see, for example, covered patios that serve as carports to protect cars and two-wheelers.

They can also be placed near a swimming pool or to install an outdoor shower.

Finally, when placed in a strategic place, they can serve as an open garden shelter for garden tools, bikes or children's playthings. You will then have the choice of the roof design: flat, single slope or double slope, according to your preferences.

A covered patio is attractive for both its versatility and its adaptability. Totally independent from the house or mounted against a wall, open on all its sides or only on some of them, with a roof that lets daylight through or not... A covered patio is an outdoor shelter that meets all needs. All these are reasons to think about its quality: by choosing solid extrusions, such as aluminium, you will be able to use it for many years.

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