• Uses

Pergola for a modern or contemporary house

A true extension to your home, a pergola integrates into its architecture to offer you an comfortable space that is both stylish and functional. Mounted against a wall or facade, it takes up little space and preserves the aesthetic qualities of your patio while bringing non-negligible added value to your property.

The bioclimatic pergola, a model designed for all styles of houses

The construction of a pergola in aluminium enables its appearance to be modified to suit your property. Whether it is an older or contemporary house, it integrates perfectly in a variety of surroundings. The bioclimatic pergola can take advantage of a glazed roof overhang in order to preserve the lighting of your interior rooms. Another possible variation, the supply of light, can be achieved through the use of adjustable louvres. These can be motorised to modify their tilt angle. Thus, sunlight filters through the structure to ensure your comfort. This system also enables the temperature to be regulated with greater precision, notably to conserve the heat or coolness of the covered space.

A modular offer of pergolas for your home

For modern or stone-built houses, AKENA offers models that are capable of harmonising with your home while incorporating various constraints of installation. Among the options available, you will find:

  • guttering for the evacuation of rainwater;
  • reinforced roof insulation;
  • LED lighting integrated into the structure for optimal luminosity, etc.

Our home pergolas stand out for their bespoke installation. This is valid for both the size as well as for the additional equipment or roof opening system. AKENA and its agencies are available to provide you with further information concerning their products and services.