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Why install a pergola?

Mid-way between a veranda and an awning, a pergola has some wonderful advantages to enable you to enjoy your garden during any weather. By adapting to its environment, it is very useful to create a shady area in your garden. You will find what you are looking for regardless of the climate where you live. We will explain why it is urgent to install a pergola on your property.

Protéger sa terrasse avec une pergola aluminium durableInstalling a pergola to enjoy your exterior during any weather

A room linking your home and the exterior, a pergola protects part of the garden from bad weather. More than a simple shelter, it is a multi-purpose extension. It offers a new area for relaxation and conviviality with no walls. As its main objective is to create shade, many install a pergola to be able to enjoy the summer without worrying about the sun.

However, the latest arrivals on the market have become real living spaces. Numerous options are available to enable you to make the most of this space in any season and in any type of weather. You can equip it to create a new leisure area for your home or as a space for sharing and conviviality. You can even install a jacuzzi! There are so many possibilities that your imagination is the only limit!


What equipment do today's pergolas offer?

Whether they are wall-mounted or freestanding, classic or bioclimatic, in a kit or made-to-measure, pergolas offer many options. As we have seen, the installation of this type of equipment makes it a true room. Among the most well known on the market are:

  • the adjustable louvres of a bioclimatic pergola
  • home automation
  • opening roofs
  • misting systems
  • glazed, polycarbonate or aluminium roofs
  • overhead heating
  • motorised vertical blinds
  • sliding panels
  • sunshades
  • picture windows
  • rain, snow and wind sensors
  • smartphone control
  • integrated lighting (LED, LED strips, spotlights, etc.)
  • skylights
  • a wide range of colours

Choisir une pergola en aluminium style contemporainA pergola, for fabulous decoration!

A decorative element par excellence, a pergola enhances your property. Whether you chose to install it on your patio or in your garden, it will bring character to your home. There are different styles of pergolas. Among the most modern, you will find pergolas with a contemporary design. With their fine and delicate structures, they are made of aluminium and require practically no maintenance.

Perhaps you prefer wood? There are also very pretty wooden models that are no less modern. Whether you prefer rustic or Scandinavian style, there is something for every taste. They must of course be treated and protected by regularly applying a protective product, which makes them more difficult to maintain than aluminium pergolas.

Available in diverse shapes, from classic to the most original, wrought iron pergolas are back in style. They are aesthetic and sturdy and bring your garden a romantic touch. Nevertheless, iron requires a great deal of care to avoid traces of rust. To keep them in their original condition, don't neglect their maintenance.

To create a green space, you can decorate your pergola with plants. Climbing and trailing plants will create a little green paradise. Wooden decoration is perfect for a natural, ethnic chic touch (macrame is back in style). Perhaps you prefer contemporary decoration and design? Works of art, mirrors and lighting will make your pergola a modern space. Don't neglect the furniture! A lounge suite, table and sofa are perfect under a pergola. Choose them quite large to fill up the space, while leaving you enough space to move around. Would you like more information about our pergolas? Contact us for a free study

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A pergola to embellish your patio