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How does a pergola work?

A pergola offers an amazing number of advantages. You can choose to install one of the latest state-of-the-art pergolas, such as a bioclimatic pergola. However, a traditional pergola also has some stunning features, especially if you decide to add some of the optional components which will turn this new space into a cosy living area. To make the most of your pergola, there are a few points you need to be aware of and some common mistakes to avoid.

choisir la bonne orientation pour installer sa pergolaThe pergola's orientation: fundamental for optimal comfort

Just as we like to choose the orientation of our living room and patio, a south-facing pergola will enable you to make the most of the faintest ray of sunshine. In summer, when the sun is at its height, houses benefit from its heat whichever way they face. However, in winter, a south-facing pergola will provide some pleasant warmth on sunny days. A wall-mounted, south-facing pergola will allow you to make a few savings thanks to its roof:

in winter, your house keeps its heat, the roof serving as a shield and preventing energy losses;
in summer, the roof acts as a parasol so the pergola will provide some welcome shade. It is thereby possible to avoid having to use a fan or air-conditioning in the adjacent room.

A south-facing pergola is therefore recommended to make the most of the sunshine throughout the year. If this is not possible, you can opt for an east- or west-facing pergola to gain light in the morning or evening.

pergola avec toit verreChoosing the right roof for your pergola

Deciding to cover part of your patio or your garden is not easy when you have always been used to your outdoor space being bathed in sunshine. Depending on your requirements, the pergola's roof cover will need to meet certain criteria:

  • resistance to the elements (rust, etc.);
  • protection against the wind and rain;
  • protection against UV rays;
  • solidity (weight of snow, leaves, etc.);
  • ease of maintenance;
  • aesthetics.

A canvas cover is traditional and can be motorised or retractable. You can also opt for a shade sail which you can install and remove when you want. It provides shade and protects you from UV rays if you choose a micro-perforated canvas. The translucent cellular polycarbonate roof is treated with an anti-UV coating. It is a long-lasting material which allows light to pass while taking the edge off the heat in summer. Double-glazing allows your pergola to retain all the natural light. Your house will also benefit from the light from outdoors. This roof comes with an "Argon solar control" option for added sun protection. Aluminium panels provide an amazing level of insulation. The thick panels block the sun's rays. You can also add optional sound insulation to absorb the noise from your surroundings. The retractable or sliding roof is a real innovation. It is made from transparent polycarbonate. It has an anti-UV coating and is extremely resistant. Its particularity lies in the way it can be opened up to provide a panoramic view or be closed off thanks to its sliding curved panels.

pergola bioclimatique tout alu à lamesHow does a bioclimatic pergola work?

The ultimate patio cover, the bioclimatic pergola is ideal in all weathers and all seasons. As this new space is designed to create the link between your home and your garden, it is worth learning more about how it works. The innovative feature of a bioclimatic pergola is its roof, made up of rotatable slats. The slats can be inclined to the precise degree, by hand or by remote control, to provide optimal natural ventilation. In summer, you can regulate the position of the roof to get maximum shade and air flow. In winter, thanks to a whole host of optional features, you can still enjoy your outdoors in all weathers (it is even possible to install heating!). To make the most of these advantages, we recommend perpendicular slats if your pergola is east- or west-facing. Parallel slats will be perfect if it is south- or north-facing. Are you interested in building a pergola? Ask us for a free quotation.

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