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Swimming pool and spa pergolas to protect your pools

In order to get the full benefit of your outdoor pool or spa, it is recommended to install additional facilities, such as the installation of a bioclimatic pergola. Synonymous with comfort and relaxation, this type of facility is also a protective asset for pools. The ideal solution to reduce their maintenance. The pergola for swimming pools and spas: practical and attractive protection.

The bioclimatic pergola for pools and spas: exemplary modularity for your pools

A pergola for your pool or spa imposes specific rules for installation. Respecting them enables the installation to be adapted to your plot of land as well as to your needs in terms of a protective structure. Pergolas protect from bad weather, reduce the fall of leaves or debris into the pool and regulate the water temperature as well as the covered space. For example, a bioclimatic pergola has adjustable louvres that modify the light depending on the weather or exposure to the sun. If the spa or pool is located near a wall or facade, it is possible to opt for a lean-to pergola to create real continuity with your home.

AKENA, an expert at your service for the installation of an aluminium or bioclimatic pergola

For nearly 40 years, AKENA has offered different creations for your exterior spaces. Our aluminium pergolas for swimming pools follow an optimal quality approach. From the selection of materials to the consideration of the specifics of your plot of land, you have a customisable choice to realise your project. Advice and expertise also accompany the installation of a bioclimatic pergola for a spa or pool:

  • respect of local planning regulations;
  • verification of the presence of electrical installations and rainwater evacuation;
  • control of ground stability before the installation of supporting posts, etc.

All these criteria are subject to rigorous monitoring. AKENA's agencies are also on hand to supply you with further information regarding the services and models of aluminium or bioclimatic pergolas available.